The Shows Must Go On! Insane Ideas for Saving the Gig Economy

Having made a career critiquing spectacles that he doesn’t have to execute, music writer Mark Beaumont has some thoughts about how to rescue concerts for the COVID era.
Worried about air flow? A skydive show “while plummeting to the ground at 120mph” is one option. Leave the amplification issues to the technical guys.
Afraid of heights? Try a subterranean show complete with diving suits—a no-brainer for Phish-heads. Risks include: “If a pod of humpback whales descend on Florence Welch”—but that’s what insurance is for.
Looking for quality control? Try gigging in a glassed-off tiger enclosure “as Dave Grohl realizes that his umpteenth extended blues breakdown might not be worth losing a leg for.”
May we suggest a more down-to-earth option? The tried-and-true Popemobile fitted with an external speaker.
The Guardian

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