Taking on Trauma in the Workplace

American workers are experiencing a barrage of grief—brought on by COVID-19, systemic racism, and loneliness. How should employers respond?
Bereavement Leave: There's no US federal mandate for it, Fortune reports. For those lucky enough to have it, it’s usually measured in days off in the short term. That’s one of several norms that need to change, grief experts advise. And definitions of “worthy” bereavement leave should be loosened.  
Grief Services: For the sake of their workers and their bottom lines, some companies are training leaders to cope with grieving workers at scale—and acknowledging it as a long-term, even permanent reality, another Fortune story reports.
“Trauma and grief and loss really impact productivity, and people’s ability to concentrate and to be resilient,” says DeLisa Alexander, an executive vice president and chief people officer for IBM’s Red Hat.  

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