Trump’s Maskless Return Raises Concerns

President Trump’s brief hospitalization and dismissive comments about COVID-19 have launched concerns for his health, his staff’s, and the nation’s.

Returning to the White House after being hospitalized, Trump publicly took his mask off and gave a thumb's up.   

  • In a video posted on Twitter, Trump advised viewers not to let the coronavirus “dominate” them and that by Saturday (after 1 night in the hospital) he felt “better than 20 years ago.” 
  • The University of Alberta’s Ilan Schwartz noted that as the president stood outside the White House at sunset he presented “a textbook example of increased work of breathing,” The Washington Post reports.
  • Eric Feigl-Ding, an epidemiologist with the Federation of American Scientists, tweeted his astonishment at Trump walking maskless into the White House despite still showing symptoms of COVID-19: “What White House staffer would still wanna goto work tomorrow??? Epidemiologists just wanna vomit.”
  • Janet Baseman, a University of Washington epidemiologist, noted the extraordinary care and resources the president has. “The rest of us who don’t have such ready access to care should continue to worry about covid, which has killed a million people around the world in just a handful of months,” Baseman told AP
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