Who is the Fattest of Them All?

Forget fall foliage. October is all about #FatBearWeek.
After a week-long battle of the bulge, Alaska's Katmai National Park has crowned its fattest bear of 2020: 747, the King of Chonk, the Earl of Avoirdupois—weighing in at over 1,400 pounds.
For scale, that’s “the general size and shape of a walk-in refrigerator,” explains Jodi Walker in a must-read deep-dive for The Ringer.
And no one’s more excited about it than the park’s Twitter account, which has tracked this fattest of face-offs with the vigor of a boxing commentator armed with a hefty thesaurus.
“Where 747’s sedulous quest for salmon secured him a stout stomach, 32 Chunk’s playful pursuit of protein provided him a prodigious paunch,” they raved.
While 747 was the vivacious victor, all the curvy contestants are reportedly celebrating the same way: by sleeping for several months.

Thanks for the HUGE tip, Lindsay Smith Rogers!

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