Ham? Sham? Flim-Flam!

It’s that time of year folks: the annual resurgence of the Craigslist pig couch scandal!
The internet went hog wild for the above pig sofa when it emerged for sale on the internet this week. But turns out, faux sale ads for the phat pig have poured into Craigslist since 2011. One exuberant Twitter gumshoe tracked it all.
Originally part of a 2010 art school thesis, the cochon couch—really, a chair—was purchased by a founder of a company called Snort.

But that’s when things stopped making sense.
If the hogwash ads are to be believed, the couch has since popped up for sale everywhere from Tennessee to Florida to New York, The Philadelphia Inquirerreports.  
In truth, the pig—named Hillhock—hasn't moved once from Snort HQ. Proof of lifewas sent this week from a rather sterile sty at a Maryland office park.

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