How the Fauci Are Ya?!

Goodbye 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

Hello 5 Levels of Anthony Fauci.
Karen Sautter Errichetti, a Tufts University School of Medicine professor-cum-meme-maker, quickly vaulted to internet fame after she started asking her students to score their mood on a scale of Fauci to… Fauci.
The 1–5 scale ranges from full-on grin to skeptical to concerned to despairing.
An updated, more nuanced 9-level version swings from downright ecstatic to head-in-hands despondent.
What was Errichetti's Fauci level when she found out the man himself had seen her 'mood swings'? That was a solid 1: screaming-with-joy Fauci.
The Quote: “If anyone is going to meme him, It should be somebody who’s an epidemiologist… ,” she said.
The Verge

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