The Magic in Magic Mushrooms

Psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, worked better than standard antidepressants in treating major depressive disorder in a rigorous new studyNPR reports.
The findings build on earlier research suggesting psilocybin relieved depression in cancer patients.
Compared to a waitlist group, those given psilocybin and psychotherapy showed a significant reduction in depression that lasted to the one-month follow up.
The treatment, along with the party drug ketamine, which has been FDA approved for depression, could be a game-changer for mental health interventions.  
But: “We need a good deal more research that addresses safety and efficacy and the type of patient who's likely to benefit,” says Charles F. Reynolds III, who wrote an editorial accompanying the study.
Election Link: This week, Oregon became the first state to legalize access to psilocybin for mental health treatment; DC also voted to decriminalize the use psychedelic substances, CNBC reports.

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