Malaria Hasn’t Gone Anywhere

Malaria deaths resulting from disruption of services will likely exceed the number of COVID-19 deaths in sub-Saharan Africa, according to the WHO’s World Malaria Report 2020Devdiscourse reports.
Despite the pandemic's impact this year, the last 2 decades have seen remarkable progress.
Since 2000:

  • 1.5 billion malaria cases and 7.6 million deaths have been averted.
  • The WHO Africa Region, which shoulders 90% of the global burden, has reduced its malaria death toll by 44%.


  • Malaria still kills 400,000 people each year; two thirds are children under 5.
  • Estimated global cases have hovered around 229 million for the past 4 years.

The report calls on countries to re-energize stagnating commitments to beating malaria as the world remains “transfixed” by COVID-19, said Peter Sands, executive director of the Global Fund.

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