Readying for the Rollout

Vaccines are on the way, but distribution presents herculean ethical and logistical challenges.

Even when considering just health care workers at the front of the line—that’s 20 million people, requiring careful planning, The Harvard Gazette notes.
Moreover, immunity is not instantaneous, given the 5-6 week lag between doses.
“The day you get your vaccine is not the day you take off your mask,” says Rochelle Walensky, Massachusetts General Hospital’s infectious diseases chief.
Essential workers are being eyed as the next priority, ahead of people age 65+ and those with high-risk medical conditions, STAT reports, citing an advisory panel meeting yesterday.
Goal: Prioritize vaccines for people of color, who are disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 and make up a large segment of essential workers.
But the Trust Gap: Just 14% of Black people trust that a vaccine will be safe, and 18% trust that it will protect them from the virus, according to a large poll released yesterday, The Washington Post reports. Among Latinos, it's 34% and 40%, respectively. 

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