Welcome to ‘Covid-hell’

A “humanitarian disaster.”

And: “covid-hell.”

COVID-19’s crushing rampage across America shows no signs of slowing as it pushses hospitals to ration care and prompts dire warnings, The Washington Post reports.

“Our hospitals are full … Our workers are getting sick. And it is simply overwhelming the system,” said Megan Ranney, a Brown University emergency medicine professor. 

  • An Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation/University of Washington School of Medicine model predicts 438,941 deaths by March 1, CNN notes.
  • Make that 587,000 death by March 1 if states relax restrictions and mask mandates, according to IHME.

The US has already entered “the exponential phase” of spread, Tom Frieden, president and CEO of Resolve to Save Lives, tweeted, but he emphasized that policy decisions do matter—and “throwing in the towel” is the wrong move.

Former FDA director Scott Gottlieb agreed: “If people on the whole just go to the store one less time a week, you could substantially reduce spread.”

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