The Winners of Election Week Levity

While they could give watching paint dry a run for its money, vote-counting livestreams are emerging as an unlikely hero of Election Day escapism, showcasing the calming mundanity of democracy at work.
Specifically: The Pennsylvania Convention Center’s livestream is “for my money, the single best election distraction out there,” writes David Murrell in Philadelphia magazine

Watching a Georgia poll worker calmly stacking ballots sent one GHN staffer into a trance. 
For extra calm, watch with a 6-hour soundtrack of Tibetan singing bowls. 
Also Awe-Inspiring: The apparently bionic John King. CNN’s “magic wall” maestro spouted “a nearly unbroken seven-hour firehose of electoral analysis,” on Election Night, Quartz reports—and he hasn’t stopped since.

What's his secret? Apparently, he thinks “This is fun!”, USA Today reports.
“If John King keeps saying this is fun I'm going to scream,” tweeted @AlexGKai. 
But as usual, meme-makers had the most fun of all
—this time with their hilarious celebration of late-to-the-party mail in ballots.

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