Africa’s First Major Treatment Trial

Africa’s first major COVID-19 treatment trial will test a laundry list of cheap, already available drugs.
First in line: hydroxychloroquine, which once again showed no benefit to the sickest COVID patients in the latest interim results from WHO’s Solidarity Trial, CIDRAP reports.
So why test it again? It’s still being used to treat COVID-19 in Africa. A negative result in the Africa study may give “the final answer,” says epidemiologist John Amuasi, who leads the Ghanaian arm of the ANTICOV project, Science reports.
What about vaccines? Big questions remain about rolling out vaccines in Africa that have shown stunning efficacy elsewhere. Despite the data, Amusai believes that separate placebo trials need to be conducted in Africa even though that raises ethical concerns. 
Another landmark effort: The WHO’s Africa Infodemic Response Alliance unites 13 international and regional organizations along with fact checkers to “detect, disrupt, and counter” misinformation about the coronavirus and other public health issues in Africa, according to UN News.

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