Calling the Shots

One of the biggest hurdles in COVID-19 vaccine distribution: getting people to take it.

Consider Pakistan: 

  • Anti-vaccination sentiments have spurred attacks on polio vaccination teams by Islamist militants, Reuters reports.
  • With COVID-19 vaccines, at the very least people are hesitant—one Gallup poll showed 37% of Pakistanis would not get a vaccine.
  • “Westphobia” may mean the country’s best chance at achieving uptake may be avoiding vaccines from the US and the UK, and instead choosing candidates from Russia or China.

Meanwhile in the US: Some employers may make COVID-19 vaccines mandatory. And yes, they can do that, CNBC reports.
There are exceptions: For example, legal protections may allow employees to forgo the vaccine on medical or religious grounds.
But the much-anticipated emergency use authorizations aren’t a full approval—and employers may have to wait for that before requiring them.

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