The Great British Vax-Off

In unfair Corona where we lay our scene, one William Shakespeare humored the world when he became the UK’s second recipient of the COVID-19 vaccine.

With Shakespeare clocking in at 456 years old, one couldn’t say Britain wasn't prioritizing the elderly.
The web went wild for the Bard of BioNTech, lauding his star turn in the tragedy of “Vacbeth.”

“A plague on neither of their houses!” rejoiced one Tweeter, evoking what would be a rather dull rewrite of Romeo & Juliet, The Washington Post reports.
But then in scene 2, things got even more British, when 91-year-old Martin Kenyon received his jab, The Guardian reports.
 “I hope that I’m not going to have the bloody bug now,” he explained in a deadpan CNN interview that vaulted him to internet fame, which Kenyon found “deeply uninteresting.”

But while Kenyon sees no value in going viral, avoiding the virus itself has immeasurable value for this proud grandad.

“I am looking forward to hugging my grandchildren. They are the ones who were most likely to give it [coronavirus] to me … and they like hugging me.”

An Historical Aside: Kenyon is the godfather of one of Desmond Tutu’s daughters.

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