Promising Candidates, Conflicting Priorities

Anticipation for a COVID-19 vaccine is mounting amid a flurry of good news, including the “absolutely remarkable” discovery that Moderna’s candidate was 100% protective against severe illness, Science reports.
But: As a vaccine rollout draws nearer, top US officials are sending mixed signals about when vaccines might be available and who should get them first, STAT reports.
In an emergency vote today, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices committee—which advises the CDC on vaccine priorities—is expected to vote for health workers getting priority access.
Meanwhile, the Trump administration has pushed for adults 65 and older to go first, a clash that adds to the logistical challenges for states scrambling to finalize plans to deploy their limited doses.
But an Operation Warp Speed leader is confident that doses won’t be so limited come summer. By June, “100% of Americans that want the vaccine will have had the vaccine,” Paul Ostrowski told MSNBC, MarketWatch reports

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