Science Silenced at the CDC

2 disillusioned Trump appointees—former CDC chief of staff Kyle McGowan and his deputy, Amanda Campbell—left the CDC in August and are sharing what they saw:

  • A White House that insisted on reviewing and often watering down agency coronavirus guidance
  • A fixation on the economic implications of public health
  • A demoralizing impact on career scientists and slow suffocation of their voices—and science.

Example: After Nancy Messonnier warned Americans last February that the virus was about to change their lives, the White House cut off her briefings. All of her predictions came true, McGowan said. 

The Quote: “Everyone wants to describe the day that the light switch flipped and the C.D.C. was sidelined. It didn’t happen that way,” he said. “It was more of like a hand grasping something, and it slowly closes, closes, closes, closes until you realize that, middle of the summer, it has a complete grasp on everything at the C.D.C.”

The New York Times

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