TikaTok’s Fashion Feels

Just in the nick of time, 2020 has found its fashion catchphrase: “Love it, couldn’t wear it.”
After a year of humans mourning the outfits unworn, it took an Italian Greyhound 5 simple words to encapsulate our collective fashion feelings.
And yes, tikatheiggy models them all on TikTok.
A fetching multi-color faux fur coat? “Love it, couldn’t wear it.”
A knit bodysuit with pom pom chapeau? “Love it, couldn’t wear it.”
Tika is voiced by the hilarious Lorena Pages, who’s also translated the struggles of this feline fashion victim on their first outing of 2020 (A wig and feather boa… “is this too much?!”)  
Sofia Vergara was so inspired she did her own version.

Thank you, Tika. We feel seen. 

WARNING: Block off some time—this video can't be watched just once. 

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