Breadless Brexit

What does life post-Brexit look like?

Lunchless, if you’re the man who unwittingly attempted to drive from the UK into the Netherlands with the latest contraband: ham and cheese sandwiches, wrapped in foil.

“Welcome to the Brexit, sir, I'm sorry!” explained a convivial Dutch customs officer who instantly became a meme, The Independent reports.
This may sound absurd, but read between the bread slices and the rules are clear: no animal products allowed.

Okay… so “can't I just take off the meat and leave the bread?” the driver countered.
Because in Britain, sandwiches are worth fighting for. 
As Sam Knight details in this unforgettable Guardian Longread from 2017, while Brits do consume a lot of sandwiches—it may in fact be sandwiches that consume them. 
Speaking of bread, the British economy will be losing more than sandwiches by the sounds of it—the Brexit deal is set to weaken the UK economy by 4% compared to staying in the bloc, NBC News reports.

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