CDC Data Bolsters School Reopenings

There’s little evidence that schools contributed significantly to increased COVID-19 transmission, according to a JAMA article published yesterday by CDC scientists. 
The authors conclude that “the type of rapid spread that was frequently observed in congregate living facilities or high-density worksites has not been reported in education settings in schools,” NPR reports

  • In 11 North Carolina districts serving 90,000+ students, researchers found just 32 school-acquired infections (vs. 773 students and staff infected outside school).

  • In Wisconsin, mask-wearing helped keep incidence low in 17 rural schools.

The CDC links success with schools’ embrace of safety precautions: universal face masks, physical distancing, better ventilation, and expanded screening.
Harsh Impact: The encouraging news comes amid mounting evidence of remote learning’s erosion of children’s mental health, especially in low-income communities. It’s not limited to the US, as a new JAMA study from China shows.

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