Many People Still Deny Racism’s Impact on Health

The data show that communities of color have been hit the hardest in the pandemic—yet many still do not see systemic racism as a barrier to good health.
That’s true even among those most affected by COVID-19, according to the second poll in an ongoing series from the RAND Corporation, with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
Key findings: 

  • 42% of respondents believe that systemic racism is one of the main reasons people of color have poorer health outcomes; ~33% disagree, and nearly 25% are neutral.

  • An increasing number of respondents think reopening the economy is important even if this risks increasing the spread of COVID-19. 

Cause for optimism: More than two-thirds see the pandemic as a moment for change, and want to see society prioritize access to health care and income inequality--though white respondents are less likely to endorse this statement.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (news release)

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