Sartorial Sanders

Wednesday’s drama-drenched presidential inauguration offered high pageantry, soaring eloquence, and some great fashion. 

But nothing stood out quite like the hand-made mittens, Burton parka, and an icy glare of Bernie Sanders. 
The internet has gone absolutely mad for it, spewing out memes at a truly—we’re saying it, “unprecedented” pace.
The Vermont firebrand’s crossed-mitten pose has been reimagined as everything from a grouchy fashion editor at a runway show, a member of the Jedi council, Patrick Swayze in Ghost, and of course, that fly on Mike Pence’s head.  
But there’s more to the story: The Bernie-beat mavens at the Vermont newspaper Seven Days did a deep-dive a year ago on Bernie’s mittens, which were made from repurposed wool by Vermont school teacher Jen Ellis and have long had their own Twitter handle—@BerniesMittens.
And no, they’re not for sale, despite thousands of new requests flooding in, The Guardian reports.

And that only makes us want them more. 


*This story was amended to correct an error on January 26, 2020. Bernie's mittens were hand-made, but not "hand-knitted" as we previously stated.

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