From Smell to Seizures: COVID’s Multi-Faceted Attack

Researchers are amassing more clues about COVID-19 symptoms:

  • While the loss of taste and smell will come back within 6 months for most COVID-19 patients, it may last much longer for others, a new Journal of Internal Medicne study has found, according to Medpage Today.

  •  Persistent forgetfulness and symptoms akin to those of a brain injury hint that the virus can take a serious neurological toll. Researchers are gaining insights about long-term brain damage, including a possible increased risk for Alzheimer’s, by studying the brain tissue of patients who have died, NPR reports. A recent letter to the New England Journal of Medicine reported inflammation and blood vessel leaks resembling a “series of tiny strokes.” 

  • COVID-19 can also produce other brain issues from seizures to psychosis, according to an Alzheimer's & Dementia commentary published yesterday. 

To learn more, researchers from 30 countries have joined forces to keep tabs on COVID-19’s long term impact on the brain.

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