The Virus Has Changed—The Best Precautions Haven’t

From Brazil to the UK and South Africa—and inevitably the US—new coronavirus variants are taking over.

The good news: The best prevention measures are already known; people just have to do them better.

For individuals: It means shortening grocery trips or ideally, getting things delivered and investing in better masks, Vox reports.

For governments: It means measures like paid sick leave and paid isolation, and deploying better masks to protect populations.   
As for schools: Quelling some concerns about childrens’ susceptibility to the strain spreading across the UK, Public Health England found that—as with the previous version of the virus—that children under 10 are about half as likely to transmit the variant, The New York Times reports.

But the variant is still more contagious regardless of age group, and that means schools need to double down on safety if they are to open—that means mask requirements, adequate ventilation, hand hygiene, distancing students, and possible hybrid schedules.


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