WHO China Probe Finally Underway

WHO investigators from 9 countries have arrived in Wuhan to look into the origins of the pandemic, following delays that triggered a rare rebuke from the agency.
2 members of the 13-person team were barred from entering after failing antibody tests required to enter China, CNN reports.
The team’s work—in collaboration with Chinese scientists—will involve combing through medical records for possible missed early cases, testing stored medical samples, and documenting supply chains, South China Morning Post reports.
The epidemiologists, virologists, clinicians and veterinary surgeons are beginning a likely years-long effort to trace the pandemic’s origins and help prevent future catastrophes. Wuhan was a logical starting point, AP reports
A key measure of success is helping “restore international confidence” in global public health—which will require unrestricted access to data, said Nicholas Thomas of City University of Hong Kong told SCMP.
Dutch virologist Marion Koopmans said the team’s been told nothing is off limits to their probe.

“We really need to have patience and not judge. It's meticulous work, it will take time,” she told CNN.

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