Be at Home… And Also at Hogwarts

We’ve all seen YouTube ambience videos of a crackling fire or just some puppies running around.
But the genre has, well, mutated during the pandemic. It now simulates IRL scenarios that are no longer an option—or brings to life others that are pure fantasy, The New York Times reports

  • Want to ride the New York City subway again? The Miracle Forest channel has a vid for that. 

  • Feel like hanging out at Hogwarts? Check. 

And if virtual worlds aren’t enough, you could “attend events as an adorable animal avatar” with the new platform Skittish, The Verge reports.

  • Just yesterday on the platform, a couple of virtual raccoons, a snake, and an owl gathered in a cartoon woodland to watch the NASA Perseverance landing. 

Welcome to our brave, new world... on video. 

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