Give Kids a Shot

Children—who have largely been spared from the worst effects of COVID-19—are at the back of the vaccine line, Science reports

But kids face real risks; COVID-19 still causes more deaths among children than influenza. Then there’s multisystem inflammatory syndrome.

MIS-C raises special vaccine development concerns, too: “It will be important to assess whether the current mRNA vaccines can lead to an antibody response that also triggers MIS-C or if this is only a complication of the viral infection,” notes Johns Hopkins School of Medicine’s Anna Sick-Samuels.

It all adds up to delays in vaccine approvals—though the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are both in trials for younger age groups.

Until Kids Get Vaccinated: Children could be “a reservoir of the virus in the population, which could continue to seed further outbreaks,” according to MIT Tech Review

Variant clues: The case of a Washington DC infant who was infected with a variant and had a viral load 51,000X the median for other pediatric patients has researchers worried about the potential for highly infectious variants to affect children, The Washington Post reports.

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