Rx for an Ailing US HIV Response

Why do pockets of HIV infection persist in the US—a global leader in HIV science and funding? 

A new Lancet series explains US failures (especially among the country’s most vulnerable populations) and offers a path to eliminate the virus in the US.
4 decades in, the US remains the only high-income country among the top 10 most-affected countries, note Chris Beyrer, director of the Center for Public Health and Human Rights at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and co-authors in a call to action

Key Trouble Spots: Worsening disparities; concentrated infections in the South and rural areas; and poor health care access.

Key Recommendations by Beyrer et al:

  • Let the epidemiology of HIV infections drive efforts

  •  Advance universal access to quality health care and safety net programs

  •  Enhance access to PrEP

  •  Fill in crucial knowledge and data gaps on HIV infections, particularly among racial and gender minorities

PEPFAR for the US? With the US set to miss its goals to reduce new infections, lower morbidity, and reduce HIV stigma, some have called for a PEPFAR program for the US.

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