The Spinach that Sends Emails

How did a 5-year old experiment become an internet sensation?
Because it’s about spinach sending emails.
The plant-based story was re-viralized this week thanks to a EuroNews headline that purported MIT researchers had taught the maligned green to fire off emails.

What actually happened: Engineers transformed spinach plants into sensors capable of detecting explosive materials in groundwater, then reporting back to scientists… via email.

The scientists don’t seem to see what’s so funny: “Plants are very good analytical chemists,” explains lead researcher Michael Strano.
But triggered Twitter users just couldn’t appreciate the green’s inner scientist, instead reimagining spinach as an incompetent colleague, scapegoated for every office faux pas.

“Ugh. Just sat through a 30-minute meeting with Spinach that could easily have been an email,” complained one tweet.

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