Talk About a Pandemic Response…

Leave it to Germany to take stock of pandemic life and conclude: we need to make some new words.
Germany has prolifically contorted its language for the age of COVID-19, coming up with over 1,200 new terms custom-designed for right now—and the Leibniz Institute for the German Language has compiled them all, the Guardian reports. 
Here’s a mini-dictionary of our faves: 

  • Öffnungsdiskusionorgie – an “orgy of discussions regarding opening” (a Slate favorite)
  • Spuckshutztrennscheibe  – a “spittle-protection separation pane”
  • Coronafrisur – corona hairstyle
  • Overzoomed – need we explain?
  • Impfneid – vaccine envy

What enabled these linguistic gifts to mankind?
Simply Put: Them’s the rules. Germany’s criteria for compound noun formationallow for the creation of new, longer legitimate words out of almost any existing ones. 
So there’s your weekend plans sorted.

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