WHO Team in China Gathers Origin Clues

WHO-sponsored investigators in China to probe COVID’s origins say they have found important clues, suggesting their main findings could be released by mid-week, Bloomberg reports.
Peter Daszak, a zoologist on the team, reported that the visits to a Wuhan market was particularly helpful as the team tries to determine how the virus jumped from an animal host to humans.
While many lines of inquiry focus on zoonotic spillover, a Washington Post editorialsays a lab accident or leak—a theory that Daszak and others have previously refuted—is plausible and should be investigated.
The WHO team has visited the Wuhan Institute of Virology, but Post editors say investigators should carefully examine the archived notes, experiment and data records, communications, viral sequences, etc. However, the Post says the necessary transparency has not been forthcoming. 

In particular, the Post highlights a key bat coronavirus database that went offline in September 2019.

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