Who’s Up for a Game of Porknite?

If you can’t find anyone to play video games with, it turns out the nearest pig is always an option.
According to extremely important new research in Frontiers in Psychology, a porcine quartet was successfully trained to game, seeming to “get” the link between their snouts pushing a joystick and the action on the screen.
Some pigs were better than others: Of the 2 Yorkshire pigs (castrated males, the researchers note), Hamlet bested Omelet. The Panepinto micro pigs (Ebony and Ivory) were all over the map in terms of skill level.

Warning to Gamers: The Yorkshire duo were booted from the experiment after 12 weeks because they “had grown too large to stand long enough to complete sessions, and also no longer fit within the constraints of the test pen.” 
Just more evidence that pigs are on our level, as Winston Churchill observed decades ago: “Dogs look up to you, cats look down on you, and pigs look you right in the eye.”

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