Who’s Missing Out on the Global Vaccine Blitz?

Peru’s problem in the global scramble for vaccines: It’s too rich for free COVAX doses but too poor to deploy the kind of programs its wealthier neighbors are rolling out.   
The country is classified as “upper middle-income,” but its limited purchasing power—and political instability that recently shuttled through 3 presidents in one week—has scuppered negotiations with vaccine makers, NPR Goats and Soda reports.

Trial Site: Peru has hosted multiple vaccine trials. However, the only COVID-19 vaccines that have arrived in the country so far have been for that purpose.
Many other Latin American countries are in a similar situation, as limited manufacturing capacity in the region forces countries to rely on outside sources.

Complicating Matters: In the latest World Trade Organization talks, wealthy nations doubled down on blocking a proposal—led by India and South Africa—to waive intellectual property protections that limit global manufacturing capacity for COVID-19 vaccines and treatments, Devex reports.

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