A Decade After Fukushima

10 years ago on March 11, a massive earthquake and tsunami devastated Japan's northeast coast, killing 18,000+ people and sending the Fukushima nuclear power plant into meltdown, The Lancet reports.
The cleanup at the Fukushima plant is still in its infancy: It will take another 30 years to complete, Science reports.

Ongoing mystery: the health effects on the 450,000+ people displaced by the disaster.
Physician Masaharu Tsubokura, who experienced his own health problems after giving health checks to evacuees, has dedicated his career to researching the disaster’s health impact, according to another Science article.

Controversial Position: “No one died of radiation,” he says.
In more than 140 papers, Tsubokura and colleagues have concluded that evacuees’ radiation exposure was relatively low. Evacuations were linked to a high death toll among the elderly, increases in chronic diseases, and a decline in general well-being.

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