‘No walking in the park this time. No relaxing.’

That’s the sentiment in Atlanta’s Asian American community after a gunman shot and killed 6 Asian women and 2 others Tuesday night at 3 massage parlors, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports.
In the murders, many recognized a new, more violent strain of the anti-Asian sentiment that has long been an undercurrent in their lives. It has only worsened during a pandemic believed to have originated in China, which former President Trump frequently called the “China virus.”
Such xenophobic language has threatened to fuel hate crimes against Asian Americans, the American Medical Association noted in a statement condemning the attacks.
Anti-Asian hate crimes are up 150% in the past year, CNN reports.

The Quote: “It’s too dangerous to go outside,” said Soon Ja Kim, a 77-year-old Atlantan. “We are so scared now.”
The attacks also signal the need to address another public health crisis in the US: gun violence, according to the American Public Health Association.

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