‘Right Now I’m Scared’

Rochelle Walensky took off her CDC director hat yesterday and addressed Americans as a concerned fellow citizen, urging them to not let their guards down, CIDRAP reports.
“We have so much to look forward to… but right now I’m scared,” she told a press conference yesterday, adding the nation could soon see yet another a major surge in cases and deaths.

Good News: The vaccine rollout is hugely promising—within 3 weeks, 90% of American adults will be eligible for vaccination, The Hill reports.

Bad News: In the past week, US daily case counts are up 8.8%, and daily reported deaths, 10.5%, per CIDRAP. Reasons likely include the rise of more transmissible variants and states reopening and removing mask mandates.

In Canada: Public health experts in Ontario predict a dire scenario in the coming weeks without fresh lockdowns, CBC reports.
“The pandemic is completely out of control,” says University of Toronto epidemiologist Peter Juni.

  • COVID-19 hospitalizations are 20% higher than at the beginning of the Canadian province’s last lockdown.

  •  As in the US, the rise of the more transmissible B.1.1.7 variant is fueling the spread.

In Mexico: Official stats don’t even come close to telling the whole story, NBC News reports.
Excess mortality figures published by the health ministry show that the country’s coronavirus death toll tops 300,000—at least 60% higher than the confirmed number.
Those figures may put Mexico’s fatalities above Brazil’s, the world’s second worst-affected country after the US, The Guardian reports.

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