Slugs Are Having a Very Out of Body Experience

One could be forgiven for seeing a decapitated sea slug and concluding, “I guess it’s all over.”
Turns out… it may just be the beginning of an extreme makeover.
Surviving dismemberments, like a lizard losing its tail, is a well-known wonder of nature—called ‘autotomy’—but this was more than that.  

In biologist Sayaka Mitoh’s lab, slugs’ detached heads and bodies continued living independently for weeks.
Even without an attached heart and digestive system, the head kept on keepin’ on, and soon “began dragging itself around to feed.” Then it started regenerating a heart and within a month… it was like nothing had happened. 
The feat might sound hard to ‘top’ if you will—but 1 slug still exceeded expectations, replicating twice.
If only humans had these skills, things would have looked a lot different for Marie Antoinette.

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