Thousands Flee Escalating Crisis in Tigray

60,000+ people have fled Ethiopia’s Tigray region for Sudan, after months of conflict culminated in civilian massacres, destruction of health facilities, and a humanitarian crisis with at least 1 million displaced, the PBS NewsHour reports.
Tigray’s health system has collapsed as clinics have been destroyed or looted, and some have been taken over by doctors serving their own forces instead of civilians, said Stephen Cornish, director-general of Médecins Sans Frontières-Geneva. 
Those who have fled to Sudan are traumatized after enduring or witnessing killings, the shelling of civilians, or sexual violence, Cornish said. Conditions in the hastily erected camps are substandard and need to quickly scale up basic services including shelter and food.
The UN called out alleged mass atrocities in Tigray late last week, Deutsche Welle reported, and urged Eritrean forces to leave. It has verified grave human rights violations including mass killings by Eritrean armed forces that may amount to war crimes.

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