Walrus Takes Magical Mystery Tour

It finally makes sense.

When the Beatles wrote the trippy track “I Am the Walrus” for their 1967 Magical Mystery Tour album, they were merely prophesying 1 creature’s transatlantic nap 5 decades later.
After presumably falling asleep on an iceberg back in the North Pole, a tusked walrus “the size of a dairy bull” rocked up on the Irish island of Valentia on Sunday looking, understandably, exhausted.

The walrus’ route remains unclear. “He could also be island-hopping and went to Iceland and on to Shetland, but that's unlikely,” Kevin Flannery, the director of Oceanworld Aquarium in Dingle.
A local 5-year-old girl who first spotted the walrus now wants dibs on naming it: Isabelle for a girl, Cian for a boy.
And while the creature’s trusty tusks are normally used for clam-digging, when in County Kerry, locals recommend the scallops.

The Irish Independent

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