Will Vaccine Passports Fly? Readers Weigh in

Vaccination may be a pass to certain activities—but what about actual vaccine passports?
Israel has already embraced a green pass for the vaccinated. And the European Union is floating the idea
But WHO isn’t behind vaccine passports, citing glaring vaccination equity issues that could effectively create a class system of vaccine haves and have-nots, CNN reports.
What do GHN readers think? Some were all about it—others adamantly opposed.

A small sampling:



  • Vaccine passports should be issued, especially given the challenges of getting a negative test within a prescribed “window,” writes Margaret C. McDonald.

  • “Of course. How else will we be able to travel internationally, go to a basketball game etc.” —Richard Lawrence, Chairman High Tide Foundation


  • “That is only going to deepen existing divisions and will increase discrimination against those who do not have the vaccine because they still do not have access to it, like most of the Global South, “ writes Gonzalo Claure.

  • “Absolutely not. It is against everything our constitution guarantees! If we are not free to choose to vaccinate or not then we are not free!” —Antonia Lhamo

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