3 Million Deaths and More

As COVID-19 deaths passed 3 million people this past weekend, the WHO warned that the world is “approaching the highest rate of infection” so far in the pandemic, the BBC reports

  • The US, India and Brazil account for more than 1 million of the deaths, as well as the most recorded infections.

In India, Cases Rising Rapidly, Beds Filling Fast
Complaints about the lack of beds, oxygen, and drugs to combat a surge of COVID-19 cases in New Delhi are blanketing social media, ABC Australia reports

  • Fewer than 100 critical care beds are available in the city of 20 million+.

  • Testing positivity rate shot up to 30% from 24% in a 24-hour period this weekend.

National numbers: 

  • 261,500 new cases on Sunday—totaling ~14.8 million, second only to the US’s 31 million

  • Total deaths: 177,150

In Brazil, Scientist Slam Premature Easing of Restrictions
COVID-19 has taken 371,000 lives in Brazil, yet some states are easing restrictions, according to the BBC.
“Brazil is not even close to having a drop in cases of covid-19,” warns Isaac Schrarstzhaupt, an Analysis Network Covid-19 coordinator.
Brazil’s health ministry appealed to women to “delay pregnancy a little until a better moment,” if possible, saying that the country’s P.1 variant appears to be especially aggressive in expectant mothers.

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