‘Enough Prayers’: Biden Moves on Gun Violence

Following yet another spate of mass shootings, President Joe Biden flexed his limited powers to act unilaterally Thursday, handing down 6 measures intended to curb gun violence in America.
“Enough prayers. Time for some action,” Biden said yesterday, The Washington Post reports.
The executive orders are a big step, but tackle a small sliver of what Biden called an “international embarrassment”—one he promised to address on the campaign trail before COVID-19 shifted the administration’s priorities, ABC News reports.
The country has more than 120 guns per 100 people, and averages a mass shooting a day.

To be clear: There’s only so much Biden can do without the blessing of Congress—which has continually avoided enacting new gun laws. But the orders aim to limit access to certain weapons, and push states to enact their own gun control laws, Vox reports.

What the orders do:


  • Regulate “ghost guns” like untraceable 3-D printed firearms—requiring serial numbers and background checks
  • Require registration of stabilizing braces that effectively convert pistols into deadlier short-barreled rifles
  • Help states draw up “red flag” laws to bar dangerous individuals from carrying firearms
  • Require annual government reports on gun trafficking
  • Funnel a proposed $5 billion into community violence interventions

What they won't do: 

Make good on Biden’s campaign-trail promises, including a ban on assault weapons or enacting universal background checks.

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