Fresh Evidence: Covid-19 Adds to Risks for Pregnant Women

A new JAMA Pediatrics study provides some of the strongest evidence yet that pregnant women with COVID-19 stand a higher risk of severe illness, death, complications, and preterm birth, Science reports.

The study of ~2100 pregnant women in hospitals across 18 countries bolsters the argument for prioritizing pregnant women for vaccination—and it comes as mounting evidence shows that COVID vaccines appear to be safe for pregnant women.

Pregnant women with COVID-19 compared to those not infected:


  • Were 5X as likely be admitted to an ICU

  • Were 3X as likely to have a severe infection

  • Had a 60–97% increased rate of preterm birth

  • Had a 76% greater chance of preeclampsia or eclampsia.

Encouraging Finding: Breastfeeding didn’t appear to transmit the virus.

This study is one of the first large studies of its kind with a “proper control group,” Science noted.

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