Open and Shut: The Latest on Pandemic Travel

Vaccine passports? Nope, says a WHO panel.
In a statement released yesterday, the WHO Emergency Committee said countries should not require travelers to show proof of vaccination for entry, The Hill reports.
Inequity was a key factor in their thinking:

  • Rich countries have increasingly easy access to vaccines, while many poorer nations’ vaccination programs have barely gotten off the ground.

The US, meanwhile, is expected later this week to broaden travel advisories as COVID-19 poses “unprecedented risks” worldwide, NPR reports.

  • The new guidelines aim to limit travel to ~80% of countries.

Things are looking up down under: Australia and New Zealand united yesterday under a long-anticipated “travel bubble,” allowing people to move quarantine-free between the 2 countries, AP reports.
Travelers are taking full advantage. At New Zealand’s Queensland Airport, passengers were met with a traditional Maori welcome, and offered a free bungee jump, Australia’s ABC News reports.

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