Risk Landscape in the US Tilts Toward Kids

Children make up a rising portion of new US COVID-19 cases–reaching nearly 21% last week, the American Academy of Pediatrics reports.

  • ~88,500 new pediatric COVID-19 cases were reported between April 8-15.

  • 3.63 million+ children tested positive since the start of the pandemic (~13.6% of all cases).

The trend will likely increase as vaccination—still not available for children under age 16—creates a shift in the risk landscape. “By dint of our vaccine order, COVID-19 will start looking like a disease of the young,” writes Sarah Zhang in The Atlantic.
And: While most children don’t get severely ill, more are requiring serious medical care, Wisconsin Public Radio reports.

  • 11% of young patients had to be hospitalized and nearly one-third of those needed intensive care, according to an April 9 JAMA report 

  • Wisconsin has seen more cases in under 18-year-olds than any other age group in the last few weeks, possibly explained by new, more infectious variants along with relaxing restrictions.

As reopening momentum builds among increasingly vaccinated adults, many families are left with kids in vaccine limbo, The Atlantic notes—creating a new round of parenting dilemmas.

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