Similar Hospitals, Very Different Outcomes

Albuquerque’s Lovelace Women’s Hospital bills itself as a state-of-the-art newborn facility.
Yet an investigation has found that extremely preterm babies were dying at almost 2X the rate of a nearby newborn facility.
Yet lax state oversight and hospitals cagey with information mean families and the public are kept in the dark about these disparities.
“Anytime you have a hospital that is delivering a lot of tiny babies that it has to send out or that die before you can send them out, you really have to ask the question, ‘Are the mothers delivering at the right place?’” said Jeffrey B. Gould, a Stanford pediatrics professor.
New Mexico in Depth/ProPublica


Pregnant and Pushed Out of Work

Discriminating against pregnant workers is illegal in the US. 

But: Vague language in the 1978 Pregnancy Discrimination Act still means many women—often low-wage workers of color—are being pushed out of the workforce when employers won’t accommodate their needs.
Currently: The onus is on pregnant workers to prove that their employer has been able to accommodate another employee in the same facility who is in a similar position in their “ability or inability to work.”
After nearly a decade in Congress, the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act looks poised to pass in the Senate. It will clarify employer responsibilities to accommodate pregnant workers.
The 19th

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