What Will Come of the AstraZeneca Vaccine?

All eyes are on the fate of the AstraZeneca vaccine today, with EU drug regulators set to announce their findings about possible links between the jab and rare blood clots, ABC News reports

  • A top European Medicines Agency official said yesterday that there is a causal link between the jab and the clotting incidents, The New York Times reports
  • The rare clotting episodes have occurred mostly in younger women—and some scientists say the rollout should continue with risk mitigation for women under 55, The Guardian reports

However, if regulators proceed with issuing the first formal warning about these potential side effects, it would be a blow to global vaccine rollout plans. 

The inexpensive, easy-to-store vaccine—rolled out in 94+ countries—remains many countries’ best chance at vaccinating their populations, and many scientists say the vaccine is still worth using.
The WHO, which is also reviewing the latest data on the vaccine, expects to stick with its assessment that the shot’s benefits outweigh the risks.
While we wait: The University of Oxford has paused a small UK trial testing the vaccine in children and teens until more data is released about clotting issues in adult recipients, Reuters reports.

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