‘I’ll See You in Court’—Inside the Fight Against Vaccine Mandates

The portfolio of the Manhattan firm Siri & Glimstad—the go-to lawyers for anti-vaccination groups—is a peephole into the well-resourced fight against vaccine mandates in American police forces, schools, and other institutions, The Washington Post reports.
In 2019—pre-pandemic—the Texas-based Informed Consent Action Network’s top expenditure was $1.3 million paid to the firm.
Their key tools: The argument that mandating vaccines approved under emergency use authorization is “illegal and unenforceable,” and leveraging the ethical principle of informed consent to claim that mandates violate international laws and individual rights.
Organizations threatened with legal action may have a strong case in their favor—but with little existing case law to go on, legal threats alone may be enough to deter institutions from mandating vaccines.
Another weapon for casting doubt: Much to the distress of scientists, a vital database—the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System—is being misused to tout misleading narratives about vaccines, Science reports.
Example: On his Fox News show, Tucker Carlson cited the database in stating that 4,000 people had died after receiving COVID-19 vaccines—even though reporting a death to VAERS indicates nothing about the cause.

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