India’s Darkest Day: Covid-19 Meets a Massive Cyclone

Already the epicenter of the pandemic, India’s COVID-19 response has now been intercepted by a cyclone, ABC News reports.
On Monday night, Tropical Cyclone Tauktae pummeled Gujarat—a state that has seen a 30% rise in infections since May 2.

The strongest storm to hit Gujarat in 2 decades, the cyclone brought 103 mph winds, left at least 20 dead and 125 missing at sea—and forced 200,000 people to evacuate. Impacts:

The evacuation adds a fresh challenge of maintaining social distancing and testing in emergency shelters, Forbes reports.

The storm put some COVID-19  vaccination efforts on pause and left hospitals waiting for backup generators and oxygen supplies.

Yesterday India hit 25 million COVID-19 cases, and daily deaths reached 4,529—a record for any country, The New York Times reports.
For health workers on the ground, the situation is untenable: “I have never felt so angry and helpless — we could see that the people we were caring for wouldn’t make it through the night,” one New Delhi nurse told The Lily.

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