Пошли! (Let’s Go!) to Rotterdam

The sets: Subtle, they are not.
The costumes: Our mothers wouldn’t have let us leave the house in ’em.
And the commentaries: So snarky! (“Was the Poland entry like the president's son, or something? Can't think of any other explanation tweets @andrew_mueller)
Europe’s beloved Eurovision Song Contest is back! (It was COVID-canceled last year.)
The finale is set for tomorrow in Rotterdam. The Guardian has your guide to the “good, bad and weird songs” to watch for.

But a handful are really testing GHN’s journalistic neutrality! 

  • We can’t help but feel for Iceland, unable to perform live with a singer sidelined by Covid. They’re still in the game though, albeit virtually, which we can all relate to this year.

  • 3 performers with refugee backgrounds, including Tousin “Tusse” Chiza, a refugee from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, representing Sweden

  • Mahniza, a Tajik-born refugee singing for her adopted country, Russia. She rolled onto the semi-final stage in a giant baba na chainik (tea warmer) costume, then stormed out with a message of feminism and inclusivity for Russia (and the world). You’ve got to listen to the lyrics (translated here).
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