US Vaccine Demand Dries Up

Missed second shots and dwindling demand may prolong COVID-19 in the US.
The CDC reports that more than half of US adults have received at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose.
But: ~8% of them—some 5 million people—haven’t gone back for their second, ContagionLive reports.

Why? One factor is gaps in public understanding of CDC guidance and vaccine protection, according to a Cornell University survey of 1,000 Americans.

  • Less than half thought the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines offered “strong protection” against COVID-19 a couple weeks after the second shot.

Vaccine hesitancy comes in many forms—which are revealing themselves after the “vaccine eager” population mostly have their shots.

  • 10% of Americans say they aren’t hesitant but aren’t rushing to get vaccinated, either, according to new polling, Axios reports.

Deeply Hesitant: The New York Times reporter Jan Hoffman reports on vaccine skepticism in rural Tennessee

“Covid smacked the region hard this winter. Eleven people in Jim and Rita Fletcher’s extended circle died from it.

But no, the Fletchers, lifelong Greenevillians, will not get the vaccine.”

Big Picture: Many experts are convinced that herd immunity is out of reach—and instead the virus will linger as a manageable threat, The New York Times reports.

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